Personal Insurance

All individuals we need financial security. The every day perils threatening ourselves and our property are not treated effectively, without buying insurance products and services. Personal insurance lines concern mainly individuals, self employed professionals, small companies, and offer cover for at least 20 different insurance objects.

Motor & Yacht lines

  1. The Third Party Liability for bodily injuries and material damages
  2. The professionals exposed to naval and road accidents
  3. The replacement value of the property items and their equipment
  4. The road assistance in case of accident or mechanical failure

Home & communal spaces

  1. The building replacement value during construction
  2. The building replacement value during operation
  3. The house content replacement value
  4. The communal spaces reconstruction value
  5. The third & cross party liability of lessees and householders
  6. The rental income loss due to material damage

Small Businesses (offices & shops)

  1. The building reconstruction value
  2. The building improvements replacement value
  3. The mechanical & electronic equipment replacement value
  4. The stock purchasing or selling price
  5. The loss of profits due to material damage
  6. The loss of rentals due to material damage
  7. The professional liability of the entrepreneur
  8. The general liability against neighbours and tenants
  9. The employer’s liability against employees and workers
  10. The personnel of the company