Insurance Companies

Brokers are the most independent insurance intermediaries and are obliged to select with strict criteria the carriers where they place risks on behalf of their customers.

We use five criteria for selecting the Insurers we cooperate with:

  1. The rating of Insurance companies or their affiliated entities by international evaluators, like S&P.
  2. The management and the quality of the executives employed by Insurers
  3. The adequacy of the insurance products of each Insurer, regarding (a) the cover extension, (b) the wording.
  4. The experience with each Insurer regarding (a) the underwriting process, (b) the claim assessment, (c) the overall service.
  5. The operating results according to the published financial statements of each Insurer.

Especially in medical lines, we hold direct cooperation with BUPA International and AXAPPP Healthcare since 2004.